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The Student Radio & Song Contest  «Make it Heard 2024» is entitled:  “The power of friendship”

This year, the Contest explores the value of friendship, a factor of wellbeing from the very first steps we take in life. At a very young age, as we spread our wings and venture outside the safety of our family setting, we start searching for communication with other people. There is a constant quest for unique friends to inspire trust in us and stand by our side in every aspect of life, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Friends who encourage us, talk things through with us, support and inspire us; they motivate our development as a true, giving and sincere relationship grows between us. Friends are the Others in our life that can become a genuine and authentic expression of selfless love.


The virtue of friendship has been inscribed in all sorts of ways in poetry, prose, music and other forms of art, but also in philosophy. Friendship is inspiring because it is central to our life, both personal and professional. It facilitates communication and collaboration, problem resolution, the creation of healthy social relations; overall, it develops our personality and improves the quality of our life. Without a doubt, friendship is a factor of harmony in our family relations, in our rapport with broader society and with all the peoples of the world; it affects the way we relate to every form of being. Regardless of our nationality and the language we speak, we are all of us constantly looking for friendship.


Students are invited to express their thoughts, experiences, feelings and expectations of friendship by creating their own radio messages and songs.