Context of participation

The Contest is open to school units across the world.

Contest Categories


Radio message, up to 1 minute and 30 seconds


Original song, up to 3 minutes

Terms and Conditions of participation


  • The students’ participation is optional. Neither students nor their schools will bear any financial responsibility for taking part in the Contest, and parent/guardian consent is required.
  • Before submitting the school’s entry, teachers acting as project managers will need to obtain Consent Forms by the students’ parents or guardians to ensure they approve of their children’s active involvement in the school’s collective creative process regarding the Contest. In the Consent Forms parents/guardians clearly state they agree to having the collective project of the school’s radio/music team uploaded on the European School Radio platform in accordance with the conditions laid down in the Contest notice.
  • In the online statement and entry submission, project managers will be required to describe their role and level of involvement in the students’ creative process.
  • Each school may submit up to two (2) entries. More specifically: both entries may be entered in the Radio Message category; or both entries may be entered in the Song category; or one entry may be entered in the Radio Message category and the other in the Song category.
  • All entries must be original works. They must not have been submitted to a contest before.
  • Songs and messages may be in the students’ mother tongue or in English. Audio works and singing performance must be the work of school students.
    Schools must not publicize entries prior to the Audience Award vote in order to maintain anonymity during the evaluation process.
  • The sound content (radio message or song) must not reveal the name of the school or contain any other indication that may be associated with the entry’s identity.
  • The songs and messages must be the work of students. Teachers are encouraged to take on the role of motivator during the creative process in order to activate student initiative.
  • The making of messages and songs can take place either within school hours for Primary and Secondary Education in the context of interdisciplinary activities related to the subject modules of each educational level, within the Programmes of School Activities (Primary) and Skill Workshops; or outside school hours, in the context of activities associated with Secondary Education School Activities.
  • All student works must be the work of only one school to ensure equal participation during the Audience Award vote. Collaborations between schools are encouraged for the making of radio shows, where there is enough time to enable more children from each school to participate in a meaningful way.
  • While submitting their entry, special schools may choose if they wish to compete with schools from their corresponding educational level or in the special schools’ category.
  • Please note that the Contest organizers are responsible for the implementation of the Contest and for securing the entrants’ personal information. The organizers have the right to post the students’ work on their website, on social media, on TV, radio and press so as to increase awareness of the Contest. Creators retain the copyrights for their work. There is no revenue for the Contest organizers through the entries (by trading or advertising etc.) and the use of each work is made only for educational purposes. The students’ works are made available to the bodies responsible for production and broadcasting of the Award Ceremony or for TV, radio, online specials or for feature articles in the press about the Contest. Last, the Organizing Committee is responsible for selecting the members of the Judging Committees. After the conclusion of the Contest, the Organizing Committee will assess the action through questionnaires addressed to all participating teachers, students and the members of the Judging Committees.

Submission and Deadline

Optionally, for reasons of promotion and publicization of entries, each sound/music production may be visualized: in other words, the submitted radio messages and songs may be accompanied by a corresponding original poster or video clip respectively.

All entries must be submitted between 19 December 2023 and 2 February 2024.