Submission guidelines

First, to upload the audio creations you need to register at European School Radio ( at least 10 days before the deadline for submissions.

Please, follow the instructions according to the User Guide- Step 2.

1. After your registration, you have to sign in, using your username and your password and then click on “Add production” from the horizontal menu.

2. Then, from the header menu, you have to verify the school you belong to and represent, in order to send the entries. 

3. Now, you are ready to upload each entry in a separate form. From the list, you select  “Make it Heard Radio Message” or “Make it Heard Song”.

4. When you click on “Add episode”, you are automatically directed to the submission form.

5.  The next screen corresponds to your entry submission form. You need to fill in the title (Name of production) and the description of the participation in English. Posting a logo or a digital poster (in .jpg or .png format) is optional. You need to upload the audio file (in mp3 format) from the red box labeled “Episode“. Finally, click on “Submit” and you are done!

Good Luck to everyone!