Through their creative radio and music projects, students are encouraged to:

Become actively involved in building a new society of peace and fraternity among peoples.

Create and share projects that will engage society in the fight against violence, conflict and war, and will advocate peace.

Understand the need for reconciliation, peaceful coexistence and disagreement resolution through constructive dialogue.

Become aware of the importance of active citizenship for the preservation of peace.

Understand that they have the power to lay the foundations of their future through their choices and realize that peace, just like so many other supreme values, cannot last if not actively preserved.

Express emotions and thoughts about the prevailing situation regarding violence by emphasizing ways of tackling it.

Engage in cooperative initiatives and crucial interventions with the power to change the dynamics of conflict and violence.

Employ various narrative techniques to draw attention to their voice.

Work together to create collective messages and songs.

Develop multiple skills relevant to Media Education.

Become active listeners of student projects from other schools and practice self-evaluation and hetero-evaluation.

Share their work with the wider public efficiently and with targeted actions, during the Audience Award vote.