Evaluation of the Jury and Participating schools

Participating Schools

It’s time for the Judging, where you’ll hear the competing schools and their creations and send in your own preferences. You can take part only the schools that you had submitted participation(s)!


Teacher who submitted the entry


Teachers who have logged in to European School Radio, you will need to log in again (exclusively with the details of whoever made the submission) to enter the evaluation system, which you will find in the “Make it heard 2024” menu .

(Guide, proposals for pedagogical use)





Students will receive from their responsible teacher a code corresponding to the participation they were involved in. They will enter the code on the page that will appear when they press the button below and declare their favorite radio messages or songs! 


The Jury

If you are member of the Jury, you will log into European School Radio and find the “Evaluation System” under the “Make It Heard 2024” menu.