Submission guidelines

Entries will be submitted via a special form, which is integrated into the new European School Radio application. and the submission must be made between December 19, 2023 and February 6, 2024. No pre-registration is required for the Contest, it is sufficient to submit your entries through the form.

Step 1

First, the whole registration and submission process is done at

Follow the User Guide, the Registration Process to European School Radio.

If the already registered users from the previous application does not recognize your credentials, ask for a new password (lost my password).

Step 2

After your registration, you can proceed to the submission for the Contest. There are two options to upload a radio message or a song to the Contest.

1st Option

Login and select the Submission Form directly from the horizontal menu.


2nd Option

Navigate through your Profile page and find the right button to Submit an Entry. See below.


You can fill in the form for each entry. Please consider that there is a limit of 2 entries for every school. You can modify your entries until the deadline for submissions.

Optionally, for promotion and better visibility of the entries at the stage of the Audience Award, it is suggested that each audio/musical production be visualized and a corresponding original poster or video clip accompany the submission of the radio message and song.

POSTER/ BANNER (optional)

We recommend that the poster be square, whatever dimensions you want. As long as it is visible.

You can include information about your school, your participation, or anything else you wish.

The file type must be a picture. We strongly suggest jpg or png. Not a PDF.

VIDEO – VIDEO CLIP (optional)

It is the visualization of your audio, whether it is a radio message or a song. The end titles can include information such as your students’ names and your school.

The file type should be a compressed video. We strongly suggest mp4.