Through their creative radio and music projects, students are encouraged to:

Understand the power of friendship and its significance in our life

Become aware of the value of friendship when it is based on mutual respect and mutual appreciation, not on passing self-interest and short-lived entertainment

Realize which of their friends’ traits they are attracted to and ponder on the extent to which their friendships are based on sincerity, equality and respect

Inspire others and become inspired themselves by sharing their own stories or stories of others marked by profound and worthy friendship

Become aware of the power they have to shape their future through their choices, and realize that friendship, like any other virtue, requires time and work to persevere and become meaningful

Ponder on the various manifestations of friendship in the contemporary digital world, particularly regarding social networks

Work together to create radio and music projects that will spread awareness among society on the necessity of friendship in any kind of coexistence

Experience the joy of friendship through creative activities and celebrate the presence of friendship in their life across their radio messages and songs

Employ various narrative techniques to draw attention to their voice whilst developing multiples skills relevant to Media Literacy

Become active listeners of student projects from other schools and practice self-evaluation and hetero-evaluation

Share their work with the wider public efficiently and with targeted actions, during the Audience Award vote