Announcement on the start of evaluation of the Radio & Song Contest “Make it heard 2023”

17 Feb Announcement on the start of evaluation of the Radio & Song Contest “Make it heard 2023”

Make it Rated…

Make it Rated by the competing schools again this year! For the fourth year, the mixed evaluation system enables both the Jury Members and the students to highlight the winners together!

More specifically, the evaluation of the “Make It Heard 2023” Contest will be held from 17/02/2023 until 13/3/2023. The Evaluators are Jury Members who are distinguished professionals in the field of music, journalism, and education, as well as schools that are participating in the Contest. The final rating score contains both evaluation data, by the Jury in 60% and by the participating schools in 40%. Schools’ involvement in the evaluation process is optional but preferable and highly recommended by the Organizing Committee, for pedagogical reasons taking into consideration that it is an opportunity to exercise critical listening skills. It also operates as a tool to practice peer & self-assessment.


Evaluation process by the competing schools

  1. Each school that has submitted an entry to the competition will have password access to the page (available link on the menu): Contest Make it heard/ Evaluation 2023 – Schools 
  2. A list of audios of all entries at the same level of education will appear on the page to which the school belongs and of the category, it competes in without any other identification of entries (school name, creators). For instance, a primary school that has submitted a radio message entry will have access to the audio files in the category of radio messages that have been submitted by the other primary schools.
  3. On the same page, each school will be able to choose a number of entries (except for its own participation) that he will evaluate as the best in descending order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). That is, the entry that will be declared as 1st choice will be considered the best.
  4. The number of entries that each school will be able to choose will be proportional to the number of participations in the specific category and level of education, with a maximum of 20 selections in 110 entries.
  5. The page will give a unique code that can be used for students to access so that they can listen to their entries from their homes. Students will not be able to evaluate alone, but only the teacher will be able to register the options.
  6. After the submission of the evaluation by each school there will be no availability of changing the options and submitting again.


Results announcement

After the completion of the Audience Awards, the results will be announced, first broadcast from the European School Radio special show “Make it heard… on air” and will be published without ranking order, the (up to) first three schools from each category with the highest overall score so that prepare their participation in the Award Ceremony.

The final series of first prizes will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Also, the scores of the entries were distinguished in first places (beyond the top three).

Depending on the number of entries, up to 3 prizes will be awarded for the categories of Radio message and Song at each level: Preschool, Primary, Junior High School, Lyceum (Senior High School), and Special School. There will also be 2 Audience Prizes for the category of “Radio Message” and for the category “Song”.

“European School Radio” Audience Awards

The online voting for each category of participation (radio message/song) will start immediately after the evaluation is complete.

Educational use of the process

The process of critically listening to corresponding audio works among peers can multiply the learning process. The Organizing Committee created and made available to the competing schools the following teacher material:

Evaluation System for Radio Message/Song: Guidelines for Schools and Students 



Thank you for participating with your students in the evaluation process for the Radio & Song Contest “Make it Heard 2023”


Good luck with your entries!

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