Student Contest “Youth for Peace”

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  • Certificates of Participation and evaluation questionnaires for ‘Make It Heard 2024’.

    Dear teachers, As the school year draws to a close and the “Make It Heard 2024” Contest reaches its conclusion, we respectfully request your valuable feedback by completing the Contest’s evaluation questionnaire. Additionally, we humbly ask for your assistance in disseminating the questionnaire among the......

  • Press Release for the “Make it Heard 2024” Award Ceremony

    The Award Ceremony of the Radio Message and Song Student Competition “Make it Heard 2024” was successfully completed and in an emotional atmosphere, on Saturday, April 27 at the Ceremony Hall of the University of Cyprus. The ceremony was part of the events of the......

  • “Make It Heard 2024” Awards Ceremony

    The “Make It Heard 2024” Awards Ceremony is approaching, and we invite all of you to tune in live to the biggest moment of our competition this year. Let’s get to know better the creators who are finalists, enjoy their work, and find out the......

  • The ESR Audience Award 2024 begins!

    The time you’ve all been waiting for has come! The European School Radio Audience Award Vote 2024 starts now and ends on Friday, April 19th, 2024! Make your voice heard as loud as you can. Send the message of friendship across the globe, and spread......


Song contest & Radio Message ``Make it heard 2023``

Panhellenic Student SongContest

& of Radio Message


Make it heard 2023


on the subject: “Youth for Peace”


Submit entries until 6 March 2022




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