The evaluation of the entries has started!

14 Feb The evaluation of the entries has started!

Dear teachers,

You can now access the page to evaluate all the entries in the category you are competing in except for your entry/ies.

First, you have to log in, using the information you submitted your entry/ies with, and you will find the evaluation form!

You will not hear your entry, because it is on the lists of all the other schools to be judged. To help you, think of Eurovision, where we only give marks to other countries’ songs and not our own!

It is crucial that your own school is involved in the evaluation, to actively involve your pupils in listening to the other entries to foster a climate of fair play and avoid a climate of antagonism. The joy of creation and participation is superior.

Attention! The 1st step is to give your students the listening link, along with the code that appears on your screen, to get in and send like!

The 2nd step is as teachers to see what caught the interest of your students, having access to the likes the pupils made while listening, and the last step is to discuss in class the likes they gave and collectively decide on the ranking list to send to us. The list is submitted only 1 time, by the teacher in charge who had submitted it.

The deadline for submissions is February 29, 2024, at 23.59.

Before starting the process, please read the Guidelines & Suppfor Evaluation.

Please also be advised that the judges are already scoring all entries. In March, the Audience Award process will begin, and you will be able to cast your vote in March.